I think we can all agree that Indy is special. It's a special place to visit - it's a special place to work - and it's a special place to call home. It's welcoming and friendly, walkable and full of life, fills our bellies with delicious food and fills our souls with passionate individuals. It doesn't judge or care if you've lived here your whole life or just got to town yesterday - Indy welcomes all.

Love Letters to Indy is a platform that celebrates Indy in the form of love letters written by its most valuable assets, its people. This site is a place where anyone and everyone can express their love for Indy - it can be about an event, a single interaction, a memory or a place in the city you're most fond of. The letter can tell a love story, talk about your struggles, defining moments in your life or be a fun poem that rhymes. In fact, it doesn't have to be a formal letter at all - videos, memes and song lyrics are all possibilities.


This platform has really one goal in mind - to tell the story of Indy through the eyes of its beloved citizens. Indy's love story is not a one size fits all, it's filled with history, diversity, love, loss, struggles and successes. 

The site was inspired by Love Letters to Toledo which was inspired by Rachel Miller’s Love Letter to Tucson which itself was inspired by Julie Michelle’s i live here: sf. It's not an original idea or a scam to go viral - it's a place where people can share mutual love and admiration. It's a place for us all to have at least one thing in common - our love for Indy. 


Brett Kramer

Indy Lover, PR Professional, Sports Enthusiast, Spartan 

Hi, I'm Brett. Yes, that girl you see in the picture (weird, I know). I'm not a Hoosier but absolutely fell in love with Indy with every fiber of my being. I live downtown in Bates Hendricks with my husband Ryan and our adorable kitties Binks and Crash. During the day you can find me handling Public Relations for Indiana Sports Corp and at night you can find me at the gym, watching Say Yes to the Dress or reading a suspense novel. I also love a quality glass of wine or cider, popcorn, vanilla lattes and the occasional random dance party with my sister Allie.

I started this site to give my fellow Indy lovers a platform to express what the city means to you and an excuse to share my love story as well.