Ed Williams, Fishers Resident

Dear Indy,

Who would have ever thought back in 1992 when I was traveling through with my wife and very young girls from our home in Cincinnati to our new home in Valpo, past Market Square Arena and the RCA Dome, that 12 years later I would be calling you “home”. I knew very little about you. Other than watching the Indy 500 or catching a Colts or Pacers game on TV, my knowledge of what you had to offer was minimal. I didn’t really care. Cincinnati had all I needed and moving near to Chicago, it would offer even more. You were just a temporary pass through. Wow, have things changed.

It all started with a job transfer in 2003. Though I still didn’t know much about you, my family and I were willing to find out. We happily settled just northeast of you in a Fishers neighborhood. Quickly, we became engaged in local school sports through the girls, made new friends, and started to take advantage of all else that makes Fishers a special place to live. All the while trying to know you better Indy.

Like any meaningful relationship, it takes time to nurture and mature. To get to know each other. It sometimes takes a bit of luck or special circumstances to move it along. Indy, you and I hit it off big when my girls moved back from college and settled in your downtown. They both love it. My wife and I love having them there. And now, finally, all that you have offer… sports, concerts, restaurants, pubs, hotels, theater, conventions, parks, canals, and did I mention sports… are a big part of my life. And my family’s life. I couldn’t ask for more out of our relationship.

Please let me close my love letter to you, Indy, by saying “Thank You” for giving me and my family a soft-landing spot 17 years ago when we moved from our native Ohio to your beautiful city. I may never be a true Hoosier (or learn what one is), but I do know what Hoosier hospitality is all about as you’ve shown me and my family just that for many years now. It’s been great so far and the best is yet to come!!

Love Always,

Edward A. Williams

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