Jen Beck, Current Cincinnati Resident & Former Indy Southsider

You opened your arms to a fresh out of college grad who had never left home, for the chance to chase her dreams

Dear Indy,

I didn’t know what to expect from you when I packed up my little honda civic and left the Westside of Cincinnati. I was fresh out of college, had lived at home for 21 out of my 22 years of life and knew 3 people in the entire city and let me tell you I was terrified and excited wrapped together with a nice side of “am I really doing this.”

You gave me confidence as I navigated a post-graduate internship in the field of my dreams. As a former student-athlete, all I wanted to do was give back to student-athletes the way that the administrators at Northern Kentucky University (#NorseUp) gave their time and expertise to me (and every other student-athlete). So a year with the Horizon League was everything I could have asked for and more. I never thought that this one job could have such a huge impact on the rest of my life. I’m 26 so I know there is more “life”’ to be had, but I have a feeling that you Indy, will always be a part of it.

There are a few moments that I am incredibly grateful that you gave me:

  • A shoebox studio apartment with the best futon and card table a girl could ask for

  • An opportunity to learn and grow from a group of professionals who ate, slept and breathed college athletics (thank you for all of the photoshop lessons!)

  • The chance to meet and network for a week at the NCAA for the Emerging Leaders Seminar

  • A volunteer moment to be on the court and watch as the UCONN Women’s Basketball team won the title of March Madness Champions

  • An undefeated kickball season with the championship ring

  • The breadsticks at Kilroy's...these really should be trademarked

  • Watching NKU men’s basketball play UK in the first round of the NCAA tournament with my dad

  • Getting to be a part of my Indy “mom and dad’s” (aka THE Brett and Ryan Kramer) wedding day

Just to name a few….

Most importantly Indy, you gave me a second home and a group of people that will always be family to me. When I look back at my time in Indy, in every experience I can see clearly the people that were a part of those moments and the reasons why I will cherish these memories forever.

Indy, you might not be the zip code I currently reside in. The little apartment might have moved to the streets of Oakley in Cincinnati, but there isn’t a chance I don’t jump on to revisit you. The chance to experience a new restaurant, the chance to take in a sporting event - and let me tell ya, you have a lot to choose - from and the chance to see and spend time with the people who made my year in Indy the best it could be.

So thank you Indy, for helping me grow, for encouraging me to chase my dreams, and for introducing me to my Indy Family.

With love,


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