Kaila Lewis, Downtown Resident

Dear Indy- I fought having you become a part of me but as of late it’s started to become a little harder. The summer that I moved here was rough because it was the fourth new home I’d have to get to know and I was unsure if you’d be the last. I fought it through high school but you started to capture my heart a little more when I moved to ‘small town’, Ohio and even more as my love of the sports world grew. You’ve nurtured my love for football and basketball while being a short drive to the friendly confines to get my baseball fix in the summer. You allowed me to meet people that helped water my dreams to work in sports. And now I’m not just cheering for the guys in blue on Sundays but I also get to work with them. So thank you for being patient with me as you‘ve seemed to become a forever home. Kaila Lewis

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