Ashley Miser, Indianapolis Resident

This is my love letter to you, Indy.

Indy, you were “home” when I wanted the comfort of familiarity and welcoming the most. In retrospect, this doesn’t surprise me but as a young 20-something, I felt a bit lost and miffed by your vibrancy. 

I’ll never forget conquering your busy streets as a southern Indiana transplant. Daily I’d drive east, south and west exploring the roads, curves and (gasp) a few cornfields, all while your skyline loomed over me. 

I’ve been loved, supported, encouraged and humbled by your people - my people - Indy’s people. You’ve brought out my deep-rooted need to thrive in a people-driven career in a place that’s filled with civic opportunities. And through each season of my life, you rise to the occasion and surprise me with unexpected growth and change.  

You’re not perfect and you still have some work to do, but I believe you’ve left those pages unwritten for our generation - the next generation of doers and change-makers to help build a welcoming, sustainable city for all. 

You provide adventure, but not too much - never too much - because on soft, quiet, snow-covered nights I can still walk the streets and feel the quiet of rolling cornfields. That balance is energizing. It makes me love you even more - and it makes me raise my hand, ready to take on your challenges and ready to lead you into the next phase of your new season. 

With gratitude and respect, 

Ashley Miser

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